Experts in the fields of finance and technology, our consultants provides guidance to capital markets firms, banks and insurances to be at the forefront of the "blockchain" revolution.

Our high-value services include blockchain vision and strategy articulation, coaching, business requirements; but it also covers the implementation of our recommendations using our multi-cultural extended development team.

A dozen of clients entrusted finoryx to guide them through the complexity of the value of blockchain.

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finoryx is building Cryptody: a business solution sitting at the intersection of blockchain, fiat money and Capital Markets.

Cryptody answers the needs for simplicity, efficiency and cost effectiveness. A combination of a innovative back office system together with a user frontend interfacing a simple and robust customer zone, the solution focus on leveraging crypto-investment funds distribution.

The solution already includes dividend payments and redemptions as it’s fully integrated with One-d’s payment factory, it now includes support for KYC information sharing via its strategic partner KYC-chain.

Who we are

finoryx is a Belgian company active at the crossroads of business vision and technology revolution.

"Securities on the Blockchain" is the tagline: finoryx currently builds a blockchain-based capital markets solution. It also deploys next generation electronic payment solution and building strong partnerships with #regtech companies.

"Listen, Propose, Implement" is our consultant motto: finoryx brings around the table highly valuable technological assets, best of breed partners and rely on 20+ experience of its senior consultants.

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for more information about one-D,
visit their website : 

One-D provides a solid modular payment factory and accounting systems as well as a best of breed development workbench. Very satisfied clients have enjoyed a rapid ROI thanks to One-D.

for more information about KYC-Chain,
visit their website :

KYC-Chain provides a Blockchain-based infrastructure allowing financial institutions to share between them the results of their KYC processes. Key benefits for the community of users is an operational cost reduction and faster closing deals


Finoryx is an innovative technology provider. We know this is a privilege as well as a responsibility!  Since day 1, in addition of using green electricity and organic Coffee, finoryx has always supported ethical and ecological projects. We donate a very humble and modest part of our revenue to WeForest - Making Earth Cooler.

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Belgian company, created early 2015 with a focus on Blockchain (amongst the first one in the region). Based in the region of Liege also active in Netherlands and Luxembourg. Expanding in France, Germany and south-east Asia.

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